Shift-Your Mind ~Global Mega International
Global Mega International Co., Ltd. invested capita and a lot of CAD / CAE, software designer engineers and management professionals to consummate manufacture, R&D and management process. At present, we carried off a great effect in the CRP (Cost Reduce Program) and work efficiency. In the meanwhile, our customers acquire best service and products.
Research and Development

Global Mega has outstanding research ability and professional engineers for making rationalized and rapid design.

CAD System: @ CAE System:
Pro/E Plastic flow CAE: Flow 3D
Solidworks Dynamic CAE: Dynamic 4D
Forging CAE: Deform 2D and 3D
Stamping CAE: Stamping 2G

Manufacture & Management

High quality is not equal to the high price. You will find the rule at our any products.

Global Mega combine R&D, Manufacture, QC and management system with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which was design by our software division. This system have increase our work efficiency many times. All personnel immediately receive newest information from ERP system. For examples, stocks, modifying documents, OEM/ODM data search , personnel management, stock of overseas sister company etc...