Main Products

Global Mega International Boiler business unit lies in the Wenling in southeast coast of Zhejiang province. The company came from state-owned corporation that has converted system. It separated from quanjiang group. The second-class in large-scale corporation and is an independent artificial person corporation. It is a only pant allowed developing, designing and manufacturing category 1,2 pressure vessels and nonstandard equipment in Taizhou.

The plant cover an area of 5938 square meters and has registered capital  of RMB 20 million, capital asserts of RMB 10 millio0n and 87 kinds if key facilities. Its annual throughout is RMB 60 million. Nowadays the plant has more than 150 staff members , among them 30 are engineers and technicians. In order to enlarge the annual throughout to RMB 200 million, the company has expropriated 50 thousand square meter tract. And the new programming is being made now.

The core products are varies of pressure vessels for ammonia refrigeration. In addition, the plant produce category 1,2 pressure vessels to meet the needs of petrochemical industry and pharmacy, for example, reactors, heat-exchanger, tower, sterilized kettle, stainless steel filter, delaminated tank.

The company has many advanced researching and developing technology. The 3-D CAD system and kinds of CAE have been fully applied to product design. Many manufacture equipments can ensure products of quality.

Licenses issued by the government for manufacture of category 1,2 pressure vessels in 1985 and validated the licenses in 1989,1993,1997 and 2002. The number is Zhejiang RZZ 009-07. Licenses issued by the government for design of category 1,2 pressure vessels in 1993 and the number is Zhejiang PSP 09-02.

Throwing machine, pipeline groding machine, shell cover groding machine, horizontal groding machine, pipe bending plate bending machine, automatic welding center, CO2 welding machine, Arc welding machine, water-cool air compressor, bridge crane, column type, console sub merger arc welder, ultrasonic flow-detector, plano-type, submerged arc welder.

     The system of the company was downright reformed in July 2003. The result that company was divorced from qianjiang group has optimized its organizing structure. The new company has paid more attentions to the product quality control and post-sale service and always followed the service policy of strictly ensuring quality and providing clients with product of quality for standing on the market.

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